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battlement / зубцы, зубчатая стена, зубчатые вершины гор
имя существительное
battlement, scallop, escallop, scollop
зубчатая стена
зубчатые вершины гор
имя существительное
a parapet at the top of a wall, usually of a fort or castle, that has regularly spaced, squared openings for shooting through.
Here, you can see stone cannon balls built into the castle walls, defensive battlements and interior living quarters.
Then she mounted the battlement and stood atop the roof, raving.
Almost immediately this was surrounded by a lower battery providing fourteen further gun positions, while about 1550 a battlemented entrance block was built containing the governor's lodgings.
She looked beyond the countless houses to the giant walls topped with battlements and many attaching towers to the dark and wasted dessert plains beyond, her true home.
The castle's impressive battlements and tree-shaded gardens offer excellent views over the city and the estuary of the Tagus river.
The roofs even had battlements , were Diago stood now.
Although the inner courtyard was destroyed in 1809 by Napoleonic troops, the walls and battlements remain intact and are worth the 15-minute climb it takes to reach them.
Set within five acres of orchard and boasting battlements , parapet walkway, Great Hall and thick stone walls, the tower is perched above Crossford in the beautiful Clyde Valley.
Its red, white and blue uprights support a span depicting Derry's gates with a battlemented head topped by a crown.
There were massive walls, battlements , towers and huge building units.
Its walls, towers and battlements are silhouetted against the sky.