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battlefield / поле боя, поле сражения
имя существительное
поле боя
battlefield, field
поле сражения
battlefield, field, arena
имя существительное
the piece of ground on which a battle is or was fought.
death on the battlefield
an ideological battlefield
There is already some communication, but it is not specially structured for battlefield conditions.
from the outset it was a battlefield
The wars of the future will not be fought on the battlefield or at sea.
Many men, however, also saw it as their duty to bring honour to their clan or caste, by fighting bravely on the battlefield .
death on the battlefield
Political geography may have been shaped in the mind as well as on the ground and the battlefield .
battlefield conditions
He knows he appeals to people who still regard politics not as the art of compromise, but as the battlefield of ideology.
battlefield nuclear weapons