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battered / потрепанный, избитый, разбитый
имя прилагательное
shabby, battered, seedy, old, shot, elder
beaten, battered, hackneyed, stereotype, trite, stereo
broken, shattered, battered, beaten, stricken, smitten
имя прилагательное
injured by repeated blows or punishment.
he finished the day battered and bruised
(of food) coated in batter and deep-fried until crisp.
Others in the no-no category are deep fried or battered foods, pies and pasties, crisps and hot chips (french-fries).
strike repeatedly with hard blows; pound heavily and insistently.
a prisoner was battered to death with a table leg
(of a wall) have a receding slope.
It becomes easier with height as the wall batters in, and the gap between the face of the wall and the corner of the pillar increases.
For battered wives, at least, it would have been a boon.
After 5 or 6 pints you will feel the need for battered sausages and chips, that's natural.
She explains that her experience is not uncommon among battered wives.
I'm off to Paris tomorrow evening for a meeting on Thursday morning and I really didn't relish the thought of taking my battered boots along with me.
He fishes into a battered black holdall, pulls out the manifesto and triumphantly taps his forefinger on the table.
This eclectic appetizer is made up of deep-fried golden pieces of battered white fish laid out over small mats of tender baby eggplant, also fried in a batter.
They include referrals from Social Services and New Deal, pupils who do not attend school, special needs teenagers, battered wives and asylum seekers.
He came home 15 hours later, battered and bruised, and later went back.
Speculation is mounting over the leadership of the Labour group on Hull Council which has been left bruised and battered by the recent electoral defeat.
He looked battered , bruised and utterly defeated.