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batsman / бэтсмен
имя существительное
batsman, bat
имя существительное
a player, especially in baseball and cricket, who is batting or whose chief skill is in batting.
On his day Brad is unquestionably one of the most attractive batsmen in Australian cricket.
Over the last three years he's pretty much been the leading batsman in world cricket.
It's the first time a batsman has outscored the opposition in each innings of a match.
But the vote goes to Andy Flower, the best batsman of the lot and a fine wicketkeeper.
I have been working hard on my batting and I want to contribute not just as a bowler but also as a batsman .
It was only at club and county level in England that he improved on his batting and became the batsman that he is today.
Inzy is a fine slip fielder and a substantial batsman , one of the world's best.
As a batsman or bowler any player has to accomplish certain things to be in the team.
The Indians should target the first four batsmen and keep the pressure on the rest of the batting.
If you bowl outside the line, most batsmen , once they've picked the line, are not going to play.
Supplementing his batsmanship is the ability to take key wickets.