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baton / дубинка, жезл, палочка
имя существительное
baton, club, truncheon, bludgeon, blackjack, shillelagh
rod, wand, baton, staff, stick, mace
wand, stick, rod, bacillus, baton
бить дубинкой
baton, bludgeon, club, bat, drub, truncheon
имя существительное
a short stick or staff or something resembling one, in particular.
But I still prefer my own, a Victorian ivory and ebony conductor's baton .
But the fact remains that on September 7, Rattle will take a huge step away from Britain when he finally takes up his baton as music director of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
I've heard her talk about this;the third runner knocked the baton out of her hand, her knee came up.
They were leading when their third runner dropped the baton before passing it to the anchor.
This is home to the Seattle Symphony, but even before the conductor lifts his baton , you get a show.
He set scoring records at Niagara and twirled the baton at Buffalo Bills games.
I have a field marshal's baton in the backpack, it is just that the season is not right to take it out.
The singing is excellent down through the cast and the orchestra performs splendidly under his incisive baton .
It features a black face, Arabic figures and baton hour markers, small seconds dial at 9 o'clock, 'Black Seal' inscription at 6 o'clock.
It was natural, of course, that a man who had stood, holding his conductor's baton on the greatest cities of the world would be like this.