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bathtub / ванна
имя существительное
bath, tub, bathtub, vat, puddle, hearth
имя существительное
a tub, usually installed in a bathroom, in which to bathe.
It uses an art-deco Hollywood theme throughout the property and boasts spacious living areas and oversized marble bathrooms with a separate bathtubs and showers.
Mercedes stepped into the giant marble bathtub , filled to the rim with bubbles and rose petals.
He wore only a robe, since his clothes were now soaking in Ava's iron bathtub .
The marble bathroom at the suite was spacious with a separate bathtub and shower.
I walked into the bathroom, it was much like my old one, but there was no bathtub , only a shower.
They are also good for bathtub and shower areas and kitchen or bathroom countertops.
Each of the rooms is the size of a small apartment with a big bathroom, including a bathtub and hot water.
The bathroom had a huge bathtub , a shower that doubled as a steam and a powder room.
They used to be in every bathtub and they're just not around anymore.
It was one room and exquisitely simple, with a toilet, sink, bathtub , and closet.
He led me to the shower and drew back the curtain to reveal a small white porcelain bathtub .