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bathe / купаться, купать, мыть
bathe, wallow
bathe, bath
wash, bathe, wash out, lave, bath, scour
имя существительное
bathing, dip, bathe, bath
wash by immersing one's body in water.
People used the same water to bathe , wash their cows and drink,’ Bascombe related.
spend time in the ocean or a lake, river, or swimming pool for pleasure.
I would land from time to time and swim and bathe in the lake and watch as white birds lifted from the water and soared off to the clouds.
suffuse or envelop in something.
the park lay bathed in sunshine
Some parents bathe their children separately in the interests of both safety and one-on-one time.
His coat was still grimy, but she would bathe him later.
What would happen if I went to bathe in that river?
Pagans bathe in salt water, burn sage, sweep away negative energy, etc., all in the belief they are ridding themselves or their sacred space of negativity.
These include some very sensible measures such as to shower rather than bathe and to use buckets rather than hosepipes when washing cars.
As she went on to the creek and its pools where she could bathe , I took from my pack my Penguin edition of Don Quixote.
Apparently there were stories about him telling the nannies, you know, and the nurses and things, how to bathe the children and so forth.
If there is no bathtub, dissolve one ounce of Epsom salts in a pint of warm water and bathe the body all over with the mixture.
She climbed down the steps to bathe in the river, fully clad.
They bathe in a nearby river and then leave again.