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batch / партия, пакет, серия
имя существительное
party, game, batch, lot, part, installment
package, packet, pack, batch, parcel, bundle
series, range, batch, part, suite, chapter
группировать программы
имя существительное
a quantity or consignment of goods produced at one time.
a batch of cookies
arrange (things) in sets or groups.
Here's a mechanism for batching them into a locked-and-loaded tool for firing them into the world.
Once they had done their stuff I had a sudden urge to whip up a batch of almond macaroons using this Marunchinos (Sephardi almond macaroons) recipe.
When you submitted a program for testing, it was a batch of cards which were kept together by a rubber band and if you dropped them accidentally, sorting them out was no simple matter.
The dealer deals five cards to each player - a batch of three each followed by a batch of two each, or two each followed by three each.
Deluged with product support calls, Lotus hired a batch of college interns that summer to assist in taking calls from frantic users.
I can only assume that somewhere, an e-mail server crashed and the poor techies only recently found a batch of messages on a hard disk, like a lost postcard from 1943 behind a radiator.
a batch of loyalists and sceptics
Red faced Commonwealth Games bosses have had to scrap a batch of badges celebrating Welsh participation in the event - because of a spelling mistake.
The newly graduated 46-year-old created a batch of trolley-based furniture for his degree course and is now hoping to make it into a business.
The batch now on the production line will be light blue pencils.
The commission discovered the mistakes on Thursday when a dozen random copies of a batch of 30,000 leaflets showed they had been incorrectly stapled.