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bassinet / плетеная колыбель с верхом, легкий шлем с забралом
имя существительное
плетеная колыбель с верхом
bassinet, bassinette
легкий шлем с забралом
bassinette, bassinet
имя существительное
a baby's wicker cradle, usually with a hood.
Cribs, cradles and bassinets are traditionally woven from wickerwork.
There is that same absolutely beautiful girl sitting in a well upholstered chair next to a bassinet .
There was the child, in his bassinet by the sofa.
The baby lies comfortably in a white bassinet , swathed in soft butter-colored pajamas and a thin cotton blanket.
Also, babies under a year don't really take up that much space other than their furniture (crib, bassinet , stoller, etc).
Well, why don't you just put her in the bassinet in the other room?
The tall woman lifted the baby from his bassinet and sat down.
And no matter where she is sleeping or pretending to sleep, whether it be in our bed, on top of me, in a bassinet beside the bed, or in her crib all the way over in her own room, I am having to re-train my body to sleep.
For her, her son's life has gone by so fast: He was eight pounds when he was born, but he was so long that his feet were hitting the sides of his bassinet .
The decision to use a crib or a bassinet is one that many parents often wrestle with.
Put a bassinet , play yard, or crib next to your bed.