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bass / бас, окунь, лыко
имя существительное
bass, basso, base
perch, bass
bast, liber, bass, splint, fiber, fibre
имя прилагательное
bass, deep-voice
low, lower, poor, deep, short, bass
имя существительное
a voice, instrument, or sound of the lowest range, in particular.
Musically the music ranges from growly bass to quiet high strings, with percussion and brass standing out also.
the common European freshwater perch.
They aren't as big as the Caribbean jewfish or the potato bass of the Indo-Pacific region, though.
any of a number of fish similar to or related to the bass, in particular.
All bass are fine game fishes, with tournaments being held regularly.
‘Oh, you gonna give me my money,’ she said with more bass in her voice than I was able to muster.
I did manage a couple of hours fishing a bass pool the next morning.
Their feet tapped the floor and in the background the sound of musical bass rumbled from the club behind them.
The audio is full, with intelligible dialogue and good use of bass in the music.
This is a very powerful mix, one filled with that great deep, rumbling bass .
It seemed to have the bass and crispness of sound that I generally enjoy.
To blow off steam, he gave us the next day off, and we went bass fishing.
The sound of the bass pulsed through the floors of the club and the couple on the dance floor moved to the music.
The rational approach you would think is to stop all further introductions of alien fish species like trout, bass etc into water environs.
Also, because nighttime air and water fall so still, bass detect sound and vibration more easily.