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bask / греться, наслаждаться, греться на солнце
bask, warm, warm up, roast, have a warm, toast
enjoy, relish, delight, savor, revel, bask
греться на солнце
bask in the sun, sun, sun oneself, bask
lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure.
sprawled figures basking in the afternoon sun
For instance, some offshore islands are nesting sites for birds, and seals also bask on some of the inner islands and mainland coves.
We could have said we were heading down to the pool, which would account for the sun in which we were about to bask , but our parents could call there and have us paged… or worse, drop in and check on us.
They are generally found in long grass, and in the summer they will bask to warm up their body.
Geneva was not planning to do anything, just bask under the glory of the sun.
the seals came ashore to breed and to bask
On the exposed granite, topless bathers bask like lizards.
Because the snakes bask , breed, and hibernate together, recognizing their relatives is a key advantage, especially for females
Little lizards bask at the side of the road (concrete holds heat well).
It was in a 4ft tank with water, lighting and heating but there was no area where it could bask so it was forced to stay in the water all the time.
The rich marine life from the sea bed, including red and black coral, floats at times to the freshwater surface, fur seals bask on the narrow shorelines, while playful dolphins tease tourist vessels.