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basin / бассейн, таз, котловина
имя существительное
pool, swimming pool, basin, pond, reservoir, drainage basin
pelvis, basin, bowl, pan, washbowl
basin, trough, pan, sink
имя существительное
a bowl for washing, typically attached to a wall and having faucets connected to a water supply; a washbasin.
‘I liked the traditional idea of washing with a basin and ewer,’ he reflects.
a wide, round open container, especially one used for holding liquid.
People saw them turn over her basins of food and all the tofu products, eggs and all, splashed on the ground.
a natural depression on the earth's surface, typically containing water.
the Indian Ocean basin
It was spacious and had a large bed, a dresser and a water basin .
In addition, the company will market six residential lots, each with a private boat slip, fronting on the Intracoastal and the marina basin .
To serve, dip the basin briefly into hot water and invert on to a serving dish.
She made her way to her dresser, using the basin of water left there to wash her face and hands, drying them with a towel.
Australian business people are looking into building a yacht basin in the town of Nessebar, an Attraction Park in Shabla, a golf course, and a hotel at the Albena resort.
I lay the clothes out on a chair then poured some fresh water into the basin on the side table and wet a cloth.
The Montrose basin , with its wide expanse of sandflats, offers a perfect environment for the sea trout and, as luck would have it, is too shallow for fish farming.
Other regions of the lake basin have experienced much more extensive sedimentation impacts related to deforestation.
For those unfamiliar with the area, the station overlooks the Grand Canal basin , a wide deep area of water.
Cook slowly in a basin over hot water until thickened.