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basilica / базилика
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large oblong hall or building with double colonnades and a semicircular apse, used in ancient Rome as a court of law or for public assemblies.
Kent's solution was to devise an original interior combining element from Vitruvius's Egyptian Hall, the colonnaded basilicas of ancient Rome, and the frieze from the Temple of Fortuna Virilis in Rome.
Each courtroom is designed like a basilica - an ancient Roman courtroom - with columns and a vaulted ceiling.
Somewhere lie public buildings, temples, warehouses, a Forum with a basilica in it and a Governor's Palace.
It's also tiny, with about 27 miles of coastline, a capital town called Victoria, 17 other villages, dozens of magnificent churches, a cathedral and a basilica .
I have drifted slightly from the Feast Day - Monday February 11 in the underground basilica , or to give it its correct name, The Basilica of Pius X, was once again a wonderful experience.
Once completed, the basilica became the largest Catholic church in the world at that time, 610 ft long and 449 ft at its widest.
We pulled to a halt beside the colonnade of an old basilica and pitched our tents for the night.
Tomorrow, the pastor will hold service for the followers of the Church at San Thome basilica on San Thome High Road in Mylapore.
Vestiges of the city's forum, basilica , temple, ramparts, bastions and oil mills are also well preserved.
The basilica together with the villa were a clear demonstration of the power of Rome and the new state religion: Christianity.
Before long, the line of blocks emerged as the top tread of a massive flight of steps that must have been part of a large public building, later revealed as the town basilica .