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basically / в основном, по существу, в своей основе
в основном
in the main, basically, substantially, above all
по существу
substantially, essentially, in essence, basically, in substance, inherently
в своей основе
in the most essential respects; fundamentally.
we started from a basically simple idea
it's basically a love story
We had basically no idea where we were going, we were just with my uncle and my aunt and our cousins.
Her eyes snapped up, basically indicating that she was indeed jealous.
He put some tape around one toe and the next one along, as a kind of splint, but basically it's just a waiting game.
A. It is essential because we are basically living in our cars all the time.
basically, we agree
it's basically the same
we started from a basically simple idea
she's basically lazy
It was basically names, addresses, credit card details, account numbers and so on.