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bash / колотить, бить, сильно ударять
pound, beat, bash, baste, whack, thump
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, bash
сильно ударять
crump, slog, swinge, quilt, slug, bash
имя существительное
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, bash
сильный удар
swipe, slog, whack, bang, hard blow, bash
имя существительное
a heavy blow.
a bash on the head
a party or social event.
a birthday bash
strike hard and violently.
bash a mosquito with a newspaper
Two well known locals last week celebrated with a birthday bash .
Matty Graham's New Year's Eve was ruined after he was dealt a sucker punch during a beer-fuelled bash .
Wendy was busy inventing new insults with which to bash Nats.
The party in 2001 was not held due to a committee restructure, and is the only year in the last 17 years that Tropical Fruits have not held their annual bash .
There's nothing the London theatre critics like more than to bash Edinburgh's hyped-up hits once they reach the southern capital.
This success has caused Sun to put more and more emphasis on services - a strategy it had typically shied away from, preferring to bash IBM's services attack instead.
On the other hand, if the pegs turn out to be a bit too square and the holes too round, then the harder you try to bash the one into the other, the more you'll end up just making a mess.
Even from across the busy road, I could see that each convulsion jerked his body, stretched out dangerously in the traffic, and caused his head to bash against the hard tarmac, grazing it.
U.S. efforts to bash Beijing reveal a remarkable ignorance about economics.
A grand bash to celebrate his birthday was held in a posh hotel only five days earlier.