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baseline / основание, базисная линия, задняя линия площадки
имя существительное
base, basis, reason, bottom, foundation, baseline
базисная линия
задняя линия площадки
имя существительное
a minimum or starting point used for comparisons.
An alternative to creating external baselines is to use comparisons of rates of stops and other behaviors among police officers to identify typical rates.
(in tennis, volleyball, etc.) the line marking each end of the court.
She has an ally in Seles, the player whose double-fisted power game from the baseline provided the template for so many of the current crop.
the line between bases, which a runner must stay close to when running.
In its upper reaches the stream and its banks are bare as the baseline from home plate to first base.
the imaginary straight line on which a line of type rests.
The antioxidant nature of vitamin C makes it a popular vitamin for biomedical studies, so it provides a fair baseline for comparison.
Hopefully when we come back, we have a good baseline , or starting position.
This establishes a baseline for comparison after the test stimulation.
In a tight game played almost entirely from the baseline , Dokic had a chance to take the first set when she held a break point at 4-4.
He decides to grab a seat along the baseline and wait for the game to end.
The telephone numbers in the sampling frame were then randomized to produce a baseline data bank.
Benchmarking is the process of establishing a baseline measurement for comparison.
Now in experimental areas in computer science I find that we are far from such a baseline expectation.
That play sends Hamilton scurrying across the court, then back along the baseline and up toward the free throw line.
When they make it to you, they speed dribble back to their starting baseline and do it again.