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bas-relief / барельеф
имя существительное
low relief, bas-relief, bass-relief
имя существительное
a sculpture, carving, or molding in bas-relief.
We noticed the simple geometric design patterns and bas-relief carvings with interest.
He ornamented early works with painted scenes and bas-relief glass embellishments, and created high-relief decorated surfaces, using glass, auto-reflectors, mirrors, and other found objects.
We noticed the simple geometric design patterns and bas-relief carvings with interest.
In addition, they might also be seen as a hybrid of painting and bas-relief , so emphatic are their materiality and objectness, their presence as things in the world.
From the drawings a bas-relief was fashioned, the molds taken, and the clay cameos cast.
He marks the walking sticks and sculptures with geometric motifs, vivid color contrasts, emphatic figures and depictions of reptiles, and applies similar aesthetics to the masterfully stylized bas-relief panels.
The heavily paint-loaded areas, here as elsewhere, have a bas-relief quality while the thinner, drier brushstrokes delicately abrade the weave of the canvas and create an atmospheric effect.
In all forms of illustration, from bas-relief to classical statuary, the helmet symbolized the warrior and individuals wishing to be so remembered would deliberately be portrayed in helmets.
As would be expected from the shallow depths of a bas-relief , there is no background.
He also made cut drawings using a knife and mat board, and, more recently, small, painted wood bas-reliefs with criss-crossing incised grooves.
Our house sported gables and towers, gingerbread and scrollwork, stained-glass and leering wooden gargoyle bas-reliefs .