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bartender / бармен, буфетчик
имя существительное
bartender, barman, barkeeper, tapster
barman, bartender, pantryman, tapster, drawer
имя существительное
a person who mixes and serves drinks at a bar.
They also say changing the system will allow unscrupulous bartenders to water down drinks.
She saw his eyes slip away at the same time she was about to signal the bartender for more to drink.
Jamie nodded at the bartender as he brought Jamie his drink, and downed it in one gulp.
The bartender poured a drink into a shot glass, and gave it to him.
The bartender dropped down our drinks and then went off to help the other bar patrons.
She asked for a shot of Vodka and sat patiently as the bartender severed the drink.
I ordered a drink from the bartender and sat at the bar waiting for the guys to start.
He goes to a saloon where the bartender is alone and asks him to change the bill.
Since then Ferrell, who bartends at Bob and Barbara's and works in distribution and sales for Modern Drunkard magazine, has amassed hundreds of soul records.
He advises training bartenders to count the number of drinks that customers consume.
The bartenders make good drinks and they always have quality music and good sound.