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barrow / курган, тачка, носилки
имя существительное
mound, barrow, tumulus
wheelbarrow, car, barrow, motor, auto, cradle
stretcher, litter, sedan chair, barrow, sedan, palanquin
имя существительное
a wheelbarrow.
She gathered two stacks of hay into a wheelbarrow and pushed the barrow to the stall that was vacant.
an ancient burial mound.
Across Britain and Ireland there are thousands of Iron Age barrows and burial mounds, and hundreds of Iron Age hill forts.
a male pig castrated before maturity.
Mackenzie Langemeier won the honor of grand champion Duroc barrow with her 259-pound pig named Rocky. The barrow was purchased from Kent Brattain.
имя существительное
a city in north central Alaska, a commercial center on the Arctic Ocean. It is the northernmost US city; population 4,010 (est. 2008). Nearby Point Barrow is the northernmost point in the US.
Fleet Street was choked with red-headed folk, and Pope's Court looked like a coster's orange barrow .
Time was getting on, but, fortunately, there was a flower seller's barrow at the end of the footbridge and I stopped and started to select flowers for a handsome bouquet.
Many people recommend a spayed sow for the poor, but I always recommend a barrow pig.
He started a fruit barrow down the bottom of Queen Street.
Usually an alley was an access path wide enough to permit passage of a large barrow or cart from a lot in the interior of a block to a street.
Believing that associated cremation burials might be lost, archaeologists cleared the barrow to the top of the original earth mound, which was only 50 cm high.
This man is selling bottles of soft drink from a barrow .
He took a short cut across the fields to save 200 yards but had to lift the barrow and its contents over 11 stiles.
Cory hastily drained the bottle, recapped it and laid it in the barrow , then seized the handles.
I'm pretty sceptical about this system as the dustbin tends to rock forwards and backwards in the barrow splashing everywhere.