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barrier / барьер, препятствие, шлагбаум
имя существительное
barrier, hurdle, bar, wall, division
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, impediment
barrier, gate
obstruct, block, barrier, barrier in, barrier off, secure
protect, fence, cover, barrier, fence in, fence about
имя существительное
a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access.
However, he told council he would like to protect the fence with barriers , to prevent vehicle operators from accidentally running into the fence.
This is how the barrier island main street near the zoo looked as the storm rolled in.
The only barrier is to the movement of cars onto the streetcar tracks.
The outer-bounding coastline is generally a narrow strip of land or a chain of barrier islands.
When the eye gets up to the coastline and the winds come from the south, that's when that storm surge is really going to push over the barrier islands and up into the bay.
New Orleans allowed development for decades that actually weakened the barrier islands, encouraged erosion.
It peeled the roofs off buildings, toppled light poles, and flooded some bridges from the mainland to the Atlantic coast's barrier islands.
The only real injury that I suffered was when I wrenched my knee jumping down from the barrier fence getting out of the ring.
A lot of them saying they felt they were somewhat protected because there are barrier islands between them and the Gulf.
Bar-built Estuaries form when a shallow lagoon or bay is protected from the ocean by a sand bar or barrier island.
In these areas, common cider pairs, flocks, and broods were concentrated close to barrier islands.