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barricade / баррикада, преграда
имя существительное
barricade, barricado
block, barrier, hedge, wall, bar, barricade
имя существительное
an improvised barrier erected across a street or other thoroughfare to prevent or delay the movement of opposing forces.
Huge concrete and steel barricades were erected to prevent demonstrators from getting anywhere near the venue, while surrounding streets were completely blocked off.
block or defend with an improvised barrier.
he barricaded the door with a bureau
Word got through the village that the guy had been taken, and the entire village went out into the street and erected a barricade .
‘Dude, we have to barricade the door,’ I said while breathing heavily.
Soldiers used Humvees to barricade the building.
Staff at Darwen's M65 services had to barricade themselves behind closed doors during a ‘nightmare’ evening of trouble.
Over time, all the couples move towards the same corner where the women barricade their men.
We fought furiously, and managed to drive them outside, and were about to barricade the door, when the entire building shook, and a loud explosion was heard.
At Walthamstow High School for Girls the headmistress called in the police to barricade the young women in the school with police vans.
There was mayhem going on on the road outside as the road repair men did their best to barricade us all in whilst they patched our holes.
They will definitely sign something saying that they will follow the law, and they will not barricade the boy or take him away or anything of this nature.
On a major thoroughfare, a barricade constructed of burning tyres sent a wall of thick, black smoke along the street.