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barre / барре
балетный станок
имя существительное
a horizontal bar at waist level on which ballet dancers rest a hand for support during exercises.
It also highlights a line of specialty items, such as ballet/stretching barres .
имя существительное
a method of playing a chord on the guitar or similar instrument with a finger laid across the strings at a particular fret, raising their pitch.
A ballet barre , for example, will get you ready for class by increasing your body temperature, suppleness and muscular control.
For example, where you once saw a hand rail, see a ballet barre .
The 19-year-old farm boy gave up the school gym's chin-up bar for the ballet barre in Nancy Hoggins's basement studio.
It's a mixed combination - classical, some modern and some jazz during the ballet barre .
Although she still gets to the gym by six every morning, works out on the machines, submits to a personal trainer and does a ballet barre , she no longer performs.
We also incorporated movements on the ballet barre to deeply stretch and target lower-body muscles.
The exercises at the barre should prepare the students in specific ways for what she plans to present in the center.
The photo shows the company doing their barre exercises.
Stand holding the ballet barre with one hand, other hand at your waist.
Marloth guides a series of intensive ballet barre exercises targeting the glutes, hips and thighs.