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barrage / заграждение, заградительный огонь, плотина
имя существительное
barrage, boom, fencing, entanglement, obstruction, blockage
заградительный огонь
barrage, barrage fire, protective barrage, umbrella
dam, weir, dike, barrage, dyke, lock
patrol, barrage
вести артиллерийский огонь
ставить заграждения
имя существительное
a concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area.
Surprisingly, a few enemy soldiers and vehicles had survived the concentrated artillery barrage and helicopter attack.
bombard (someone) with something.
his doctor was barraged with unsolicited advice
The Bush White House is facing a barrage of questions about the National Security Agency's spying activities in this country.
But after facing a barrage of complaints and an auditor's savage report four years ago, Bradford Council was forced to admit it had failed its tenants.
I floated this argument on the national security list-serv that I subscribe to, and was met with a barrage of criticism for it.
After facing a barrage of criticism from the aircraft industry, the federal government issued a call for a single tender last December, just days after Chretien left office.
they are considering a tidal barrage built across the Severn estuary
At Friday prayers in the two cities holy to Shiite Muslims, hope as well for an end to the daily barrage of artillery and gunfire.
Newdow, 50, held his own under a barrage of fast-paced questions.
Under a barrage of criticism from furious shopkeepers, the council admitted there were still no proper signs at the approaches to the town directing people to the public car parks.
Yet despite this, the state still had to face down a barrage of criticism both at home and abroad for its handling of what the United Nations has called the world's biggest disaster.
And under a barrage of criticism and doubt, they carried out their mission, and the world owes them an enormous debt of gratitude.