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barracks / казарма
имя существительное
barracks, casern, caserne
имя существительное
a building or group of buildings used to house soldiers.
the troops were ordered back to barracks
provide (soldiers) with accommodations in a building or set of buildings.
the granary in which the platoons were barracked
jeer loudly at (someone performing or speaking in public) in order to express disapproval or to create a distraction.
opponents barracked him when he addressed the opening parliamentary session
Obviously, girls should not be trained for military service in the barracks because our barracks so far do not measure up to world standards.
police barracks
The war hardened general then strode out of the barracks as his soldiers got dressed in their battle armor, and headed towards the stables.
I saw a senior commander sit in the barracks and complain with his soldiers for days while waiting to deploy, ignoring advice to use the time for training.
Soldiers returning to complete the base closure mission could be housed together in barracks designated specifically for closure personnel.
One leaked battle plan shows they will lay on anti-Bush rallies using serving soldiers outside military barracks .
the troops were ordered back to barracks
This included the construction, maintenance and repair of military roads, barracks and cantonments.
The barracks and cantonment areas of major army bases are fine for getting ready to communicate in urban combat.
military barracks