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barrack / барак, казармы
имя существительное
barrack, hut, casern, caserne
barrack, quarters
boo, hiss, catcall, barrack, goose, bo
place, locate, allocate, station, dispose, barrack
громко высмеивать
provide (soldiers) with accommodations in a building or set of buildings.
the granary in which the platoons were barracked
jeer loudly at (someone performing or speaking in public) in order to express disapproval or to create a distraction.
opponents barracked him when he addressed the opening parliamentary session
At Dartmouth, 272 men in an Army training detachment were barracked in the gymnasium.
In 1999 Speight, then Chairman of the newly-formed Fiji Hardwood Corporation, was barracking for a United States company to win the government tender for a stake in the mahogany plantations.
Forces were barracked there until well after the end of WWII.
I think he barracks for those awful Fremantle Dockers.
The audience was barracking them good naturedly.
You can't seriously expect a Melbourne man to forget who he barracks for just because he happens to be on TV and radio.
County council members approved a 4.7% increase, having been barracked outside The Castle on Wednesday by around 50 protesters demanding lower bills.
Despite the fact that Hart was not even at the racecourse, his horse was barracked and jeered in scenes that came within a whisker of descending into violence.
They were barracked in a new section of the camp where the living conditions were awful; most died shortly after arrival.
Furious locals barracked speakers, voicing fears that a proposed 34-bed homeless centre at the former Shipton Street School would lead to more crime and lower house prices.