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barony / вотчина, владения барона, титул барона
имя существительное
patrimony, barony
владения барона
титул барона
barony, baronage
имя существительное
the rank and estates of a baron.
As baronies survived after 1747, it is still possible to buy laird status with an estate which is a barony .
(in Ireland) a division of a county.
It was the Anglo Normans who introduced counties and baronies and understandably the names applied to these new area divisions were for the most part indicative of their non Irish origins.
(in Scotland) a large manor or estate.
I named the barony estate that bordered the peasant villages.
The present Lord MacDonald and Chief of Clan Donald - known as Godfrey - is totally nonplussed by the sale of the barony and has no plans to bid for the title.
Open air music and an exhibition of Irish dancing by the Troy School was greatly appreciated by many, and the children's art competition drew a huge response from schools in the barony .
Three candidates went forward for the honour of the first citizen of the barony .
I named the barony estate that bordered the peasant villages.
The monies accrued from the site could then be used to build proper infrastructure in the barony of Erris - a priority being the upgrading of the main Castlebar road.
The tragic death of Mr. Shane Fitzgerald, from Kilmacleague, Dunmore East, last week was felt all over the barony of Gall Tir including Passage and surrounding areas.
On the death of the incumbent baron in 1965, the title passed to Elizabeth / Ewan, who, by dint of a paper ‘sex change’, was now the male heir to the barony .
Morris said the locations of five were certain: Shancough, Tawnagh, and Aghanagh in the barony of Tirerill; and Kilnamanagh and Kilaraght in Coolavin.
In a performance full of skill, passion and dogged determination the men in red and black ensured that the Mayo League crown became the latest resident of the ancient barony .
The £63,000 vehicle will enhance and improve the opportunities for people from all over the barony who use the centre for various courses and activities.