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baroness / баронесса
имя существительное
имя существительное
the wife or widow of a baron. The term “Baroness” is not used as a form of address in Britain, baronesses usually being referred to as “Lady.”.
We're all expected to be there, and all the nobles will be there - lords, ladies, counts, viscounts, dukes, duchesses, barons, baronesses , and marquises; all of them.
Mrs Bartley said: ‘I have been a very strong advocate of this scheme, and it seemed that the baroness was thoroughly interested.’
I worry about the plea bargain arrangements which made it possible for Mark Thatcher to get away with a R3 million fine, which will probably be paid by the baroness or his Texas in-laws.
But as long as I was still a baroness and he a baron, we would have to convince everyone around us that life was perfect.
South Australia's office of Thinker in Residence is occupied by neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, an English baroness and professor.
The baroness has transformed the wine of Chateau Clarke with the help of leading wine consultant Michel Rolland.
The baroness is a wealthy American Quaker brought to 19 th-century Paris by her husband's business dealings, trying to make the best of it as a cultural dilettante.
The Yorkshire-born baroness was one of four distinguished figures from the worlds of literature, science and politics presented with honorary degrees by university Chancellor Lord Bragg.
They spoke to a full hall - with 40 people,’ the baroness explained to us.
I loved the advantages of being a baroness , what with the wealth that I had to spend; but sometimes I felt restrained.
The baroness encouraged her daughter's friendship with the princess, hoping to improve her status, but to no avail.