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barnyard / скотный двор, гумно, ток
имя существительное
скотный двор
barnyard, stockyard, butchery
barn, floor, barnyard, stackyard, cornflour
current, amperage, toque, barnyard, cornflour, threshing-floor
имя существительное
the area of open ground around a barn.
Run-off from barnyards , cropland, feedlots, septic tanks, and intensively managed turf areas such as golf courses can introduce large quantities of organic matter and nutrients into a pond.
имя прилагательное
(especially of manners or language) characterized by a lack of propriety; coarse, indecent, earthy.
a polite way of avoiding barnyard language
He led me out of the main barnyard , down the aisle to the fields.
Finding the brutish leavings of people with barnyard manners in bathrooms - and sometimes hallways - is something that custodial staff have become accustomed to.
His initial informality and later his barnyard manners in the Oval Office served to emphasize his status as interloper and to enrage them further.
It's the story of a little pig and his friends in the barnyard , including a spider named Charlotte.
After it seemed that I couldn't last one more second on a saddle, we broke through to a familiar barnyard .
Veterinarian Hwang brought barnyard ethics to the human lab.
As the two approached the barnyard they slowed to a steady trot.
A mile or so in, you'll come to Slide Ranch, where you can watch goats and chickens roam the barnyard .
I give it a 5 + for an excellently executed plot - great characters with much human realism but am disappointed with the common barnyard language.
During the rut, bull elk have a very strong barnyard smell to them.