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barnacle / морская уточка, щипцы, кляп
имя существительное
морская уточка
forceps, tongs, pliers, pincers, nippers, barnacle
gag, barnacle
имя существительное
a marine crustacean with an external shell, which attaches itself permanently to a variety of surfaces. Barnacles feed by filtering particles from the water using their modified feathery legs.
Many species, including lobsters, crayfish, barnacles , and crabs are important to human economies, some very much so.
Divers have to look out for the barnacle covered surfaces and sea urchins as they explore the various levels of the King Cruiser.
Like a barnacle , Bud's sticks to the dock, hidden from view.
From that hour I clove to Queequeg like a barnacle ; yea, till poor Queequeg took his last long dive.
Too uncertain to advance with a raise, or retreat with a fold, I called, fastened to this pot like a barnacle .
Moreover, by attaching rocks that held a solitary barnacle to rocks that held twenty or more, Mauck and Harkless forced solitaries to become part of a group.
She latches onto him like a barnacle and burrows under his skin like a tick, while he sputters protests and offers weak resistance.
Our story starts with Sarah, a self involved and rather whiny teen, desperately convinced of her own maturity yet clinging to childhood like a barnacle .
He carries his back muscles like a burden, and his head is attached to his shoulders like a barnacle to an ocean rock.
But last year, I had one babe all over me like a barnacle .
Once placed in my arms he'd attach himself like a barnacle to a hull.