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barn / сарай, амбар, коровник
имя существительное
barn, shed, depot, hangar, fleapit
barn, granary, storehouse, warehouse, grange, garner
cowshed, barn, byre
имя существительное
a large farm building used for storing grain, hay, or straw or for housing livestock.
Also within the wall would have been a well, latrines, a chapel, workshops, barns , pens for livestock, hen houses and perhaps other outbuildings.
a unit of area, 10 –28 square meters, used especially in particle physics.
While the barn is not an SI unit, it is accepted (although discouraged) for use with the SI.
Build your ideal garage, coach house style car barn , workshop or storage barn with these blueprints
London's Olympia exhibition hall is a vast barn of a place, home for everything from sporting events to antiques fairs.
One barn featured rapid transit cars that were awaiting some restoration.
In the car barn we saw numbers 2002 through 6 in various stages of build.
barn door
My family was able to offer practical support in the shape of hospitality in our then vast barn of a place in St Andrews.
The traditional farm buildings are located behind the farmhouse and include a bothy, stores, barn and livestock accommodation.
moved into that barn of a house
I ran into the first barn of a tavern I could reach.
Instead of him hauling silage into the barn and manure out, the cows do it now, he says.