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barkeeper / бармен, хозяин бара
имя существительное
bartender, barman, barkeeper, tapster
хозяин бара
имя существительное
a person who owns or serves drinks in a bar.
Her barkeeps have researched new drinks for the spring, and they've tweaked and taste-tested a lot of cocktails to get just the right balance of sour, sweet, bitter and strength.
The barkeeper finally set the drink down in front of her and watched her cuddle it close to her.
Just another night in the life of a bar waitress, I thought to myself as Gil, the barkeeper , finished cleaning another batch of mugs and smiled as I approached.
She made her way through the couples still standing on the dance floor and then ordered a drink from the barkeeper who happened to be a good friend of hers.
Kane sat there thinking and watching everyone as the barkeeper went and served more people.
But Martin turned away, leaving him to tell it to the barkeeper , until that worthy was called away to furnish drinks to two farmers who, coming in, accepted Martin's invitation.
The staff, a barkeeper and two barmaids, wore nothing to mark them as wealthy.
I was playing pool against some kind of buffoon, who proceeded to shout at me as my colleague (a dynamo on the table, truly) had been away awhile obtaining drinks from the barkeep .
This year's search, part of Grand Marnier's annual support of the celebrated New York Film Festival, brought in hundreds of recipes, culled from barkeeps throughout the city and metropolitan area.
He felt someone tap on his shoulder and turned to see the barkeep , he took his drink and paid him, then relaxed and sat in silence.
He boldly tugs the barkeep 's jacket to get served, but immediately gets bullied by one of the patrons for no reason other than that he's a new face and an easy mark.