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baritone / баритон
имя существительное
baritone, barytone
имя существительное
an adult male singing voice between tenor and bass.
he sang in a rich baritone
an instrument that is second lowest in pitch in its family.
The various musicians - guitars, drums, recorder, baritone sax, violin - all started playing at once.
имя прилагательное
second lowest in musical pitch.
I headed to the end of the hall, where all the saxophones had congregated, and saw three out of the four different types of saxophones; the baritone , tenor and alto.
The Welsh baritone Bryn Terfel sang three of Hans Sachs' monologues with a depth of dramatic penetration that was awesome.
His bass baritone is rich and meaty, just like his heart.
On Sings Pajo introduced his shaky baritone to the world along with a new-found talent for writing great rootsy folk.
The thick baritone delivery of singer Paul Banks could pass him off as an Ian Curtis impersonator, but upon further listens you may begin to think differently.
Young baritone Andrew Schroeder has sung the title role in Brussels and New York City, and it sounds like he owns it.
Caught off guard, Olive stared open mouthed at the newcomer as he kept singing his sea shanty in a rich baritone voice, oblivious to his audience.
Got any male friends with deep baritone voices willing to do some phone answering?
Initially Cohen's bleak baritone vocal - there's no singing, just his trademark uncompromising conversational drawl - paints a barren, unrewarding landscape.
Crey's voice was a deep baritone that struck her as slightly out of place coming from such a slender build of a man, but what shocked her more was the bow of his head in deference that accompanied his words.
The child's sound had matured into a full, rich baritone .