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barge / баржа, барка, прогулочный катер
имя существительное
barge, scow, hoy, ark, wherry
barge, wherry
прогулочный катер
pleasure boat, barge
перевозить на барже
имя существительное
a flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight, typically on canals and rivers, either under its own power or towed by another.
During slack water, tugs tow freight barges and rafts of logs through the narrows with scant room to manoeuvre.
move forcefully or roughly.
we can't just barge into a private garden
convey (freight) by barge.
These considerations can include barging equipment to the site, building a log dump and skids, or a dryland sort, checking for rock cuts, end haul areas and spoil sites, and the installation of bridges.
One of Calderdale's most colourful characters got the send-off he wanted when a barge carrying his coffin ferried him to his final resting place.
Surrounded by a lake in the centre of Bandar Seri Begawan, the ceremonial barge remains unused.
Boats carry people from one place to another, farmers and fishermen bring their produce to the city to sell, and every year the king of Thailand holds important ceremonies on the water in his royal barge .
Earning their stripes: Home captain Scott Thomson tries to dig the ball out for Dunfermline as Partick Thistle's Jamie Mitchell attempts to barge him out of the way at East End Park yesterday.
And anyway, he knew better than to barge into my room uninvited.
I didn't want to barge into his home like this and shove two girls down his throat, but I had no other choice.
When you eventually wise up, faux police barge into your hotel and demand massive bribes in exchange for your freedom.
The community council was waiting upon written confirmation from Waterways Ireland that they could extend the operating area of the barge from the canal to the Barrow.
sorry to barge in on your cozy evening
Nobody can barge into my house uninvited and manhandle me.