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barf / блевать
barf, spew, cat, ralph, fetch up, spue
08: 16 a.m. - Andy apologetically dives under the bed and finishes barfing .
имя существительное
vomited food.
08: 15 a.m. - Rana returns to bedroom to find kitty barf all over the bed.
Idiot muttered, he had stayed, making sure I didn't choke up to death with my own barf ; and I heard his footsteps leaving the girls' bathroom.
The smell was enough to make one's mouth fill up with barf .
Besides cleaning up barf , breaking up fights and propping up staggering patrons, owners and waiters can get sued if overly-lubricated lushes kill or injure someone on their drive home.
I slowly made my way along the hallway where my locker resided, each wall was a dull beige that reminded me of barf after eating a ton of peanut butter.
But, luckily, neither of us had gotten splattered with barf .
I was soaked to the skin with nasty half-digested, yoghurt-smelling, carrot-chunked barf .
For someone to stick his tongue into the cavity where all that barf had come out of so soon after the event - it was just WRONG man.
I immediately ran in to go and claim a bedroom before Tricia could take the pretty one and leave me with the one that looked like barf and smelled even worse.
08: 15 a.m. - Rana returns to bedroom to find kitty barf all over the bed.
The lovely sound of barf hitting the trash can became background music to Mark and Hikaru's yelling.