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barely / едва, только, лишь
barely, hardly, scarcely, just, slightly, faintly
only, alone, but, merely, solely, barely
only, but, barely
only just; almost not.
she nodded, barely able to speak
in a simple and sparse way.
their barely furnished house
openly; explicitly.
He could barely sit through Coach Quinn's speech in the boy's locker room.
she nodded, barely able to speak
Just barely managing to remain sitting on the table was Kimrey, waving frantically at me to join her.
If I lose my balance, if I fall over, into the mud, in this much pain, barely able to move, I may not get up.
She stood up and was shown to be attired in a short tan dress that barely reached her knees.
The half had barely started when Fitzgerald delivered a great pass to Cotter to send over a point.
It had barely rung once when Rudy answered. "Robert Charlton's phone."
a barely perceptible pause
The smoke had barely cleared from the suicide bombing in Afghanistan this morning when right-wing pundits began their attempt to politically exploit the attack on or near Cheney.
Ryden was barely two when they sat us down and told us they were having another baby.