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barelegged / с голыми ногами, голоногий
имя прилагательное
с голыми ногами
имя прилагательное
without a covering on the legs.
barelegged models strutted down the runway
Hanes No Hose allows femme fatales to go barelegged in sexy, strappy open-toe shoes while offering girdle-like control to just above the knee or below the lower calf.
As the researchers walked around barelegged , often climbing mountains into cooler, beclouded rain forests beloved of leeches, they were mercilessly stung by mosquitoes.
In summer they go barefoot, but seldom barelegged , as has been lately asserted by a traveller.
She was a barelegged kid of about eight or nine dressed in a raggedy polka dot dress.
And, can I go to work in the office, barelegged in strappy stiletto sandals with red painted toenails?
She goes out barelegged , oblivious of the bitter weather, and at times wears a washed leather trench coat or a battered leather jacket, too.
It is also a common sight to see him wearing light-colored tights (usually white or tan), although he has appeared barelegged in other games.
Barefoot, barelegged , and with her dress sleeves rolled up to the elbows, Josie had come along way from her strict and proper ways at Hatfield.
To stand in it barelegged was to be assaulted by dry flannels from the shins down.
Though a barelegged trend is now popular amongst younger women, hosiery is still common in offices and places where formal dress is required.