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bareheaded / с непокрытой головой, обнажив голову, простоволосый
имя прилагательное
с непокрытой головой
bareheaded, uncovered, hatless, unbonneted
обнажив голову
имя прилагательное
without a covering for one's head.
he walked bareheaded in the teeming rain
Some members of the third estate, however, decided that they would no longer remain bareheaded in the presence of the king, and, like the nobles, covered themselves.
Very few of them, no matter how poor, are bareheaded .
They were at pains to point out that she had no such scruples later, and made her exit bareheaded .
In Koerbecke's example, the three companions radiate light from their heads, and the first is youthful and bareheaded , very similar to Daret's young maiden in red.
There were snow flurries, it was cold, and Gottwald was bareheaded .
At the end of Radford's film he shows us a bareheaded Shylock locked out of his synagogue and alone in the world, an alien being.
However, many Gypsy women may go bareheaded except when attending traditional communal gatherings.
Like Bahzell, he was bareheaded , carrying his helmet, but there the similarities ended.
The men are dressed in shabby, quilted jackets; they are bareheaded and barefoot.
The view is sublime, and here Jefferson and his company were accustomed to sit, bareheaded , in the summer until bed-time, having neither dew nor insects to annoy them.