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barefoot / босиком
barefoot, bootlessly
имя прилагательное
barefoot, bare, barefooted, shoeless, bootless
имя прилагательное
wearing nothing on the feet.
I won't walk barefoot
Care needs to be taken to avoid walking barefoot because of the serious risk of burns to the foot.
This leads to calf muscles contracting, making it very difficult to stand with your feet flat, even when barefoot .
We were both barefoot , my feet buried in the sand as a slight breeze came up from the water.
In the second bowl is water for the guest to wash his or her feet; a reminder that in India people walked barefoot .
Her hands and mouth were bound by heavy duty tape and she was barefoot , wearing only shorts and a vest.
One customer of Peter Jones told him that she could only get relief from pains in her feet by walking barefoot on a beach.
Pushing the plate away from his foot, he padded barefoot up to Ronnie's bathroom.
he was running around barefoot
Their feet were barefoot ; Jude let his hang over the edge while Josie sat cross-legged.
Some of his hair was also burnt and his feet were swollen, the after effects of his barefooted trot out of the forest.