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barbershop / парикмахерская
имя существительное
barbershop, hairdressing salon, hairdresser's parlor, barber's
имя существительное
a shop where a barber works.
Beauty salons and barbershops entice potential customers with colorful portraits of well-coifed heads that look more like art pieces than hairstyles.
Where you might be able to catch her singing if you have no patience for barbershop harmonies: At Vocalz on Crescent doing the karaoke thing.
Hip-hop's barbershop quartet, Jurassic Five, returns with Power in Numbers two years after their decent full-length debut, Quality Control.
Around 150 people enjoyed a performance by jazz quartet John Currie's Hot Stuff and barbershop singers the Ringtones in the grounds of Peter's Shrivenham Road home.
Buy the full set and marvel as they perform barbershop style - perfect for that distinctive housewarming.
On February 28 a large crowd estimated at 1200 people gathered in the park for easy listening music including barbershop singing groups.
Women apparently began performing in barbershop style in the 1930s & 1940s.
The overdubs on Young Liars and Desperate Youth create the illusion of four or five voices where there are usually one or two, hence the doo-wop and even barbershop comparisons.
‘Come on if you think you can take us,’ it goes, with razor-sharp barbershop harmonies.
Four singers from Bolton helped a top ladies' barbershop group win the European Barbershop Singing Championships in Holland.
a barbershop quartet