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barbed / колючий, колкий, с колючками
имя прилагательное
barbed, prickly, spiny, scratchy, thorny, spiky
caustic, poignant, prickly, barbed, sharp, pointed
с колючками
barbed, prickly
имя прилагательное
having a barb or barbs.
barbed arrows
They vary up the torture tactics via new school hardcore, the furious primal bombast of thrash metal and every barbed edge in-between.
They were not kept behind barbed or electric wire fences.
It is tempting to think kindly of him and to believe that underneath the sarcasm, the dry wit, the barbed comment, there's a rather nice man struggling to get out.
Corrected to reflect that the correct sadistic flesh gouging implement of the period was not barbed wire, but barbed whips.
With all the barbed words being launched between them, especially between a certain pair, maybe they need to see themselves as standing on one side or the other.
Other types of arrow head found include barbed fishing arrows and crescent shaped small game arrows 5.
Nobody knows worst-dressed lists better than the famed Mr Blackwell, who since 1960 has issued barbed critiques of stars' outfits at the start of each new year.
He tapped the button on the arrow and the barbed head started spinning.
Was he really so unobservant that he had not heard the barbed criticism behind that woman's comment?
Every barbed remark directed at a non-conformist is also an affirmation of his/her existence.