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barbarity / варварство, жестокость, грубость
имя существительное
barbarism, barbarity, vandalism, heathenism
cruelty, brutality, violence, atrocity, ferocity, barbarity
coarseness, rudeness, roughness, crudity, harshness, barbarity
inhumanity, barbarity
имя существительное
extreme cruelty or brutality.
the barbarity of the slave trade
absence of culture and civilization.
beyond the Empire lay barbarity
Without the culture of the Public Service, there will only be barbarity in this place.
Culturally, Constance Garnett helped to dispel the image of barbarity with her translations of Tolstoy and other leading Russian writers.
But upon his return to Europe he began to see the old continent with American eyes and from the alienating distance of his exile he noticed all the more strongly the barbarity of its remaining peculiarities.
beyond the Empire lay barbarity
beyond the Empire lay barbarity
Some contemporaries would have seen the confrontation of the two cultures as an out and out battle, in the case of the improvers a struggle between the forces of civilization and enlightenment, and those of barbarity and heathenism.
These therapeutic and cosmetic uses of waste persisted well into the sphere of our modern world, and Laporte refuses to mark a clear division between the barbarity of ancient civilization and the manufactured reality of our own.
The article expresses a horror at the ' barbarity ' of the 'unmeaning mummeries, dishonest debt, profuse waste, and bad example in an utter oblivion of responsibility'.
Eleventh-century England is seen as intellectually isolated, rescued from barbarity only by Norman longships.
Moreover, they are characters who have absorbed the English-speaking colonialist attribution of barbarity to the Irish language and are now steeped in a culture of patient acceptance over assertive action.