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barbarism / варварство, варваризм, невежество
имя существительное
barbarism, barbarity, vandalism, heathenism
ignorance, barbarism, dark
имя существительное
absence of culture and civilization.
the collapse of civilization and the return to barbarism
extreme cruelty or brutality.
she called the execution an act of barbarism
Cruelty was his escape from guilt; barbarism his act of denial.
For a 15-year-old, it was - to use a modern barbarism - totally incredible.
Ideas and culture are what differentiate civilization from barbarism , not the economy.
she called the execution an act of barbarism
As a British Muslim I condemn this act of barbarism - it is wholly anti-Islamic.
Griffin said, ‘When it comes to the death penalty, I am passionate because we are so overwhelmed by cruelty and barbarism and most people feel the legal system doesn't work.’
For instance, Fowler preferred Britishism to Briticism, labelling the latter a barbarism ; Burchfield simply comments that Briticism is now the more usual term in scholarly work.
This means that Australians are fighting with and in support of troops who routinely commit what we rightly regard as atrocities - acts of barbarism which are war crimes under Australian law.
These notions when confronted with Jahangir's own interest in, possession and treatment of elephants give rise to a particular manifestation of the ideologies of barbarism and civilization.
And yes, sometimes you fight to give people freedom only to discover that the people choose not to choose, or that they choose barbarism to civilization.