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barbarian / варвар
имя существительное
barbarian, vandal, Hun, Goth, heathen, tramontane
имя прилагательное
barbaric, barbarian, barbarous, vandal, uncivilized, heathenish
имя прилагательное
of or relating to ancient barbarians.
barbarian invasions
имя существительное
(in ancient times) a member of a community or tribe not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian).
It was arrogant pretension of the ancient Greeks to imagine that barbarians were slaves by nature.
All think of him as a cold-hearted, arrogant barbarian , and this story will be the first true view of the hidden soul he carries.
Their background was probably very varied, some perhaps landowners, others military men, Roman or barbarian , who had been invited to take control or seized power.
The ancient Romans divided people between civilised and barbarian .
The use to which the wealth is put, and Jahangir's almost flippant attitude toward his riches, activates the notion of the ignorant barbarian .
This promising line of thought takes us back to the barbarian invasions that overwhelmed Rome in the 5th century.
Moreover, some of the Greek cities thought they could use the barbarian , or the threat of him, against their enemies.
And maybe that date will be viewed in future centuries as the beginning of the great barbarian invasions.
The town suffered grievously during the barbarian invasions and it did not recover until the Middle Ages, when it took its present form, that of a fortified medieval settlement round a strong castle.
If this is a clash of civilizations, then one of our soldiers has just been murdered by our barbarian enemies.
I am shocked and dismayed to learn that our neighbors to the north have government officials who play politics just like ours do down here in the barbarian south.