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barb / зубец, шип, колючка
имя существительное
tooth, prong, claw, barb, notch, cog
spike, thorn, tenon, spine, tongue, barb
thorn, barb, bur, prickle, spine, burr
оснащать колючками
снабдить колючками
имя существительное
a sharp projection near the end of an arrow, fishhook, or similar item, angled away from the main point so as to make extraction difficult.
It was a simple hunting arrow, without a particularly sharp edge or barbs that would make it harder to remove.
a beardlike filament at the mouth of some fish, such as barbel and catfish.
The hybrids were good looking fish but careful examination of the mouths would show tell-tale signs of small barbs and their top fins were more carp-shaped.
a freshwater fish that typically has barbels around the mouth, popular in aquariums.
Many Indian species like catfish, dwarf and giant gourami, and barbs are popular abroad and fetch good prices.
a small horse of a hardy breed originally from North Africa.
The Rancho riding herd is usually 27 horses, mainly Spanish barbs and mixes of that breed.
In addition to the giant catfish, the project focuses on other endangered species, such as the giant barb, the national fish of Cambodia, and the seven-striped barb .
And from its tip protruded a barb that dripped poison.
The physician should advance the fishhook to disengage the barb , then pull and twist it so that the point enters the lumen of the needle.
his barb hurt more than she cared to admit
Spahis rode hardy little barb stallions, which they controlled with severe bits.
The arrow had barely gone in, half the barb still sticking out.
When Betty Bee sets her stinger deep into your skin she forgets she has a barb attached to her stinger that prevents her from pulling it out of her victim.
These species include the giant barb (a type of carp), the giant freshwater stingray, and the river catfish.
his barb hurt more than she cared to admit
The barbed wire is, er, a piece of rusty barbed wire about 120 mm long - with one barb .