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baptize / крестить, давать имя
baptize, christen
давать имя
name, christen, baptize, call, godfather
administer baptism to (someone); christen.
he was baptized Joshua
Ironically, John promises that Jesus will baptize us with the same elements that the author of Isaiah mentions as dangers.
Consequently, at no time during his pastoral career could he baptize babies or administer the sacraments, although he could both preach and instruct children in religious precepts.
The different Christian sects baptize children according to their own religious traditions.
If they are Christian, they baptize their children.
Schumpeter baptized three of the four cycles by naming them after their discoverers.
Both children were baptized in the parish last week.
I promised God at that time: if my wife could get a job in the United States, I would be baptized into the church.
City of York Ladies Hockey Club failed to baptise their new name with a win in the season's opening North League game as they disappointingly slipped 5-1 at home to Leyland.
I'm really going to spend all my time trying to keep Jackson from being forcibly baptized into the Catholic church.
And that started when his mother baptized him as a Christian in the Orthodox church.