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banquette / банкет, насыпь, стрелковая ступень
имя существительное
banquet, feast, dinner, banquette, banket
mound, embankment, bank, fill, terrace, banquette
стрелковая ступень
fire step, banquette
имя существительное
an upholstered bench along a wall, especially in a restaurant or bar.
Take one of the large banquettes along the walls and eye up the girls on the dance floor, or gaze from the balcony on boys below doing their breaks.
a raised step behind a rampart.
A New Orleans-esque red glow suffused the place and a long banquette lined the back wall.
‘I like this place already,’ said one grizzled old TriBeCa resident as he settled into the restaurant's long faux-leather banquette .
Having designed many elements in the hotel, from the bedside lamps to the banquette sofas, he has now set his sights on a much bigger challenge.
Instead Currid's has attractively upholstered banquette seating and padded stools.
There's white leather everywhere: the chairs, the banquettes , and - in a very questionable move - even the tables.
The warm and stylish interior includes bar stools, bistro style tables and maroon leather banquettes to sit at.
The stylish interior has the feel of a private club: a warm, orange-lit interior with a crackling fireplace, comfy armchairs and banquettes perfect for sipping brandies on and smoking cigars.
Guests, high-rollers and girls with millionaire uncles take seats on the wall banquettes and gaze up at the striking Maxfield Parrish mural of Old King Cole that looms over the scene.
Mary's Fish Camp is poky in the way the Pearl is, with plain navy-and-gray walls, plywood banquettes , and a curved eating bar covered in tin.
Consider incorporating a storage facility within your kitchen seating - banquettes , for example, can lift up to reveal a cavernous space underneath; hinge small sections for ease of access.