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banquet / банкет, пир, званый обед
имя существительное
banquet, feast, dinner, banquette, banket
feast, banquet, bowl, regale
званый обед
dinner party, banquet
давать банкет
feast, revel, banquet, make merry, junket, carouse
treat, regale, feast, entertain, wine and dine, banquet
имя существительное
an elaborate and formal evening meal for many people, often followed by speeches.
the Austrian emperor's lavish banquets
entertain with a banquet.
there are halls for banqueting up to 3,000 people
On Saturday evening preceding the banquet will be the silent auction.
There will be a banquet and other events on Sunday night, November 28.
a veritable banquet of seasonal events
a banquet table
Anyone walking through the doors of the company premises should prepare themselves for a veritable banquet of glass.
Tickets cost £27.50 and include a four course banquet and entertainment.
Let your imagination run with that and we're a veritable banquet .
a state banquet at Buckingham Palace
He told me about a banquet feast, where Lord Charles was giving a speech and tripped backward over his chair.
The annual meeting concluded with a banquet on Saturday evening.