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bankrupt / банкрот, несостоятельный должник
имя существительное
bankrupt, insolvent, defaulter, lame duck
несостоятельный должник
bankrupt, insolvent
имя прилагательное
insolvent, bankrupt, without validity
devoid, bereft, void, free, destitute, bankrupt
доводить до банкротства
делать банкротом
имя прилагательное
(of a person or organization) declared in law unable to pay outstanding debts.
the company was declared bankrupt
completely lacking in a particular quality or value.
their cause is morally bankrupt
имя существительное
a person judged by a court to be insolvent, whose property is taken and disposed of for the benefit of creditors.
But we will provide more effective protection against the small minority of bankrupts who abuse their creditors and the public.
reduce (a person or organization) to bankruptcy.
the strike nearly bankrupted the union
The efforts of the Trustee and the Inspectors must be spent for the benefit of the creditors only as the interest of those creditors relate to the property, dealings and affairs of the bankrupt .
Within ten years, all the defendants were going bankrupt , and it seemed that many sick workers would therefore get nothing or close to nothing.
The judge held that certainly by the end of 1992, when applicants knew that their son was bankrupt , that their position was not protected and that the promissory note was worthless.
With the latest round of bankrupt airlines, the agency may not be so lucky.
In truth, he was politically bankrupt after 2000, and he is not all that much stronger today.
Goldman Sachs is buying a bankrupt owner of 30 courses.
Creditor committees and managers of bankrupt companies often are too optimistic.
Some big companies have started acting like vultures by bidding for bankrupt rivals at auction, accelerating consolidation.
He was a wealthy lawyer from Allenâs law firm, but he was completely bankrupt in backbone.
He is an officer and director of the bankrupt company which is noted as plaintiff in this action.