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banknote / денежная купюра
currency note, note, bill, bank note
  • counterfeit banknotes - фальшивые банкноты
  • old banknotes - старые купюры
имя существительное
a piece of paper money, constituting a central bank's promissory note to pay a stated sum to the bearer on demand.
is the $1 bill the only banknote with George Washington's picture on it?
The BBC Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker, for example, made headlines after a photo taken during an investigation appeared to show him sniffing something through a rolled banknote .
Individual merchants and financiers had long issued personal bills of exchange, from which developed the cheque and the banknote - at first for special named customers, then for general use.
is the $1 bill the only banknote with George Washington's picture on it?
Last Post agents were shocked at the news this week that practically all German euro banknotes contain traces of cocaine.
Those means cannot be provided by printing banknotes and by credit on the bank books.
Then passport, watch, banknotes and other valuables are stolen while he sleeps in a Spanish resort.
It is, therefore, something of a misnomer to speak of the transfer of funds as there is no actual transfer of coins and banknotes from the payer to the payee.
After that date, only the central bank will be buying banknotes of the currencies for leva.
Her speciality is not art, or banknotes , but celebrities and their most valued asset - their image.
a £100 banknote