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banker / банкир, банк, банкомет
имя существительное
banker, money agent, Lombard
bank, banker, jackpot, kitty, banking house
banker, croupier
имя существительное
an officer or owner of a bank or group of banks.
They do it to bulge the bank accounts of bankers , company managers, and investors all over the world.
The reason is that you can lower variance in baccarat tournaments by betting on both banker and player in certain situations and guarantee a profit.
The players other than the banker take turns to ask for cards and place bets.
Some play that after everyone else has made their initial bet, the banker looks at his own first card and can choose to double the bets.
If you have a black American Express card and a Ferrari in the garage, you also have a private banker managing your wealth.
the horse should be a banker for him in the Members' race
The banker managed the personal wealth assets of some of the star CEOs of technology enterprises.
Once all bets are down, the banker rolls three six-sided dice marked with the same symbols as on the table.
I, the ever level-headed banker , couldn't control myself.
John is the banker
And we all know that, as well as being a brilliant banker , Royal Bank boss Fred Goodwin is a very ambitious man.